Peter and Debbie

4th June 2017

A once in a lifetime experience. We have toured the world but this week was unique – wonderful food, superb wine. A magical journey, your kindness, your knowledge and caring skills gave our senses the opportunity to grow and absorb the character of this small community and Burgundy’s long historic evolution.

Floating along on a barge in a dream
Jo Pours the coffee, Caz pours the cream
A wave from the Captain, a shout from the shore
It’s off to the van with Glen to explore

We feast on ambrosia, we peek into abbeys
We stroll on the tow path, we pat all the tabbies
We dip into hot tubs with rainbows to light us
We sleep tight as bedbugs, among our detritus
But Jo sneaks in early to tidy and guide us

It’s all very dreamy and lovely and fine
The cheeses! The croissants! The wine
The cows – gleaming whitely – the sun in the trees
the cheeky brown muskrat, the drone of the bees..
But the best part of living aboard Apres Tout
Are the bonds of affection that bind the GRAND CREW

Peter & Debbie