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This summer we welcomed Mark Newton and his family back to the Barge Après Tout for another week cruising the canals of Burgundy. He has very kindly created this video for us, showing Caroline creating this delicious recipe using the incredible Dijon mushrooms that are available at this time of year.

Watch it here!

Posted on: 11 Oct 2018
Posted by: BonnerMcHardy Admin

So the grape harvest finished last week, being unusually late this year. The poor grape pickers were outdoors in the cool misty days of autumn, rather than the sunshine of summer; but the work is done and the wines are now fermenting in the tanks and the barrels. Following on from small yields in 2011 and 2012, 2013 is another year where the quantities will be small due to the cool spring; but that’s nature for you – you have to take what comes!

Going back to the subject of ‘Terroir’. This is a concept which encompasses several factors including soil composition, position of the plants on the slope, degree of inclination, position of the slopes (facing more east, south etc), drainage etc. The accumulation of these factors means that a given area will have more or less potential to produce good or great wines. The monks who planted these vineyards had already noticed this hundreds of years ago, and so they had already classified the vineyards. In 1936 the official classification came into being with the vineyards being classified into 4 different categories. Each different plot or parcel has a name, and so amazingly, in Burgundy, with only 2 grapes – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, we can make 1400 different wines!

Miss Pinot Noir

Posted on: 28 Oct 2013
Posted by: Rory & Caroline Mcrae

Thank you so much to Rick Ratliff for producing and sending us this link to his video of his time on the Apres Tout with Family and Friends.

Posted on: 13 Aug 2013
Posted by: Rory & Caroline Mcrae
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