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As the summer officially begins, France celebrates with musical concerts all over the country. Burgundy is no exception, hosting at the moment the festival of “Musique et vin” in the Chateau of Clos de Vougeot. Between the 20th and 28th of June, a series of musical concerts featuring internationally renowned classical musicians, is held in the Chateau of Clos de Vougeot or Chateau of Meursault. Preceding each of these concerts is a wine tasting, where the wines from different producers are put to the fore. Somehow, notes of elegance are to be found to please the ear, and the palate.

Summer is also the time for fans of vintage cars to take to the roads and grace the highways and vineyards of Burgundy with these beauties of a former age. Foregoing the comfort of modern day air conditioning, these intrepid aficionados are to be seen, often dressed in vintage clothes and motoring hats, winding their way through the beautiful Burgundy countryside. Being in this prestigious wine producing area, often these history loving motorists finish their day with a stop at some wine producer to partake in a glass or two of Burgundy gold. Indeed, recently 100 of such enthusiasts visited the prestigious cellars of Maison Joseph Drouhin in the centre of historical Beaune as a fitting way to finish their day.

With the whole of summer to continue growing, the vines are active and healthy. They are happy, as are we all, with these fine sunny days, and let’s hope a lush and healthy season for both man and grape alike….

Miss Pinot Noir

Posted on: 25 Jun 2015
Posted by: Rory & Caroline Mcrae