2015 – A fine vintage!

So the harvest came and went; and at last an easy vintage has been produced in Burgundy. We managed to completely avoid the dreaded hailstones this year, and the only part affected by hail was a fairly small portion of the Chablis vineyards.

The good weather conditions; sunshine and a nice breeze meant that the berries were disease free. The berries had nice thick skins, and the welcome couple of days of good rain in early September allowed the berries to swell to provide a good amount of juice.

The exceptionally hot conditions (and almost total lack of rainfall) in the Beaujolais means that yields will be very low this year in that area, but the sweet, concentrated juice in the gamay berries will produce probably the best Beaujolais Nouveau ever this year! However, there will be a lot less of it than usual, so be prepared to get in early on the 3rd Thursday in November to grab a bottle or two!

For those who have never been to Burgundy at this time of year; it’s time that you did! The vineyards have taken on the beautiful crimson and golden hues of autumn, and it’s a perfect time for walking or cycling in the warmth of these early autumn days. Both the wine country, and the tree lined canals are stunning, so book your vacations for 2017 and then you will be in time to start tasting, and buying some of this fabulous 2015 vintage….

Miss Pinot Noir