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2014 Burgundy grape harvest!

We’re off! The grape harvest started today in a few areas and will be in full swing by early next week. Today the grapes are being picked for the Cremant de Bourgogne (the sparkling wine produced using the champagne method). To make any sparkling wine the grapes need to be slightly under ripe so that the acidity level is quite high. This acidity is then balanced out by the addition of sugar in the fermentation process in order to produce carbon dioxide and bubbles!

For the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, it’s best to wait for the grapes to be at perfect maturity, so this lovely indian summer has been very beneficial for the grapes. After 3 successive vintages of small yields, this year we can at last rejoice in a good healthy crop. The sugar/acidity balance is looking good, and the warm sunny days and cool nights have helped to ward off disease.

The picking should take about 10 to 15 days in all, and the fields are filling up with people, baskets and tractors in this most exciting time of year – the culmination of many months of work, hope and prayer! All being well, we are looking at a very nice vintage.


Thanks once again to the amazing Miss Pinot Noir !

Posted on: 17 Sep 2014
Posted by: Rory & Caroline Mcrae

24th August 2014

What a glorious cruise to Lyon on the river Saone! You have thought of everything to make our trip sensational – from the delicious meals, unique wines, activities galore (biking, go carting, horseback riding to name but 3) and a fantastic birthday dance bash for Andy’s 37th. This is our third cruise with you and it gets better and better each time. We hope we can do this again.. You are all the best !

Jane and Chuck

Posted on: 04 Sep 2014
Posted by: Rory & Caroline Mcrae

17th August 2014

There is not enough room on the remaining page to let you know how much we appreciate all you do to make a week on the Apres Tout one of the most magical experiences ever!! We have travelled extensively through Europe and your fabulous knowledgeable staff and infectious personalities are unsurpassed. The food, the off boat jaunts and the overall feeling of cruising with all of you has been nothing short of fantastic!

Maurice and Tybra

Posted on: 04 Sep 2014
Posted by: Rory & Caroline Mcrae

3rd August 2014

We have had a most wonderful and elegant week focused on Burgundy wine, cuisine, and French cheeses. The beauty, functionality, and immaculately maintained barge made a wonderful home for our cruise. Your high level of service, with great attention to detail – both in general and tailored to guests special needs was a superb treat. The interesting variety of excursions to key sights coupled with some unique personalities gave us a memorable introduction to the history, culture, and terrior of Burgundy. Thank you all so much for a perfect week in beautiful Burgundy aboard the very special Apres Tout !

Caroline and Steve

Posted on: 04 Sep 2014
Posted by: Rory & Caroline Mcrae
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